Human Resource, Labor Management. Motivation Quiz Answers

When a company forecasts the number of employees it will need, it is engaging in a human resource plan.

The most expensive part of recruitment and selection is making a bad hire.

The EEOC helps employers set up _______________ programs to increase job opportunities for women, minorities, disabled people, and other protected groups.
affirmative action

Using the best practices of the best companies as performance standards is called

What is a type of performance appraisal that gathers feedback from a review panel of 8 to 12 people, including coworkers, supervisors, team members, subordinates, and sometimes customers?
a 360-degree performance review.

What percent of an employee’s compensation takes the form of employee benefits?

Joan quit her job to start her own business. Joan’s decision to leave her job was
voluntary turnover.

Which of Maslow’s needs pertains to people’s need for attention, recognition, and appreciation?
esteem needs

Theory X assumes that
employees dislike work and avoid it.

If an employee files a grievance that cannot be settled by the highest company officer, what is the next step?


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